Your Corporate Culture is Your CEO!

In small companies there most likely isn’t room in the budget for expensive TV’s, video game systems, ping pong tables, and BBQs.  That does not mean that you cannot create a fun and lively corporate culture at your office.

It may take a little more creativity and imagination, but it is possible.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is relationship between the CEO and the corporate culture.  Your CEO should mirror your vision, mission, and culture.  If you are a young and edgy t-shirt company, you cannot have a retired banker for a CEO.

Small companies take on the personality of the CEO, as do some large companies.  So, make sure that the person leading your company aligns with the internal values, the team, and the direction you want the company to go.

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Get the Team Right!

Your team is your most important asset in any game, project, company, etc.  Take your time in making personnel decisions.  If you can get the first few team members right, this will propagate throughout your company.

Here’s a few tips to remember:

1. If you ever question whether or not someone is right for your team, they’re not.

2. If someone is “good enough for now”, don’t hire them.  It’s worth it to suffer in the short-term in exchange for getting the team right.

3. Your team needs to be able to communicate openly.  There will be many ups and downs in the course of your company.  The one thing that should remain consistent is the communication within your team.  If you can’t be honest and open with someone for whatever reason, then they aren’t right for the team.

4. The minute you realize a person is not right for the team, end the relationship right then.  This is not only for the benefit of the company but out of respect to the person as well.

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Ready… Set…. GO!


The time has come for a blog about everything entrepreneurship – more specifically university based entrepreneurship and the value young people bring to our industry.

We hope to help college students realize their potential and take advantage of this time of their lives.  Starting a company in college is arguably the best time in a person’s life to pursue an entrepreneurial venture.  Think about it – you still have financial aid and insurance, you have no real family commitments, and there are endless amounts of free time and university resources.

Don’t wait to get old – go out and start something now!

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