Get the Team Right!

Your team is your most important asset in any game, project, company, etc.  Take your time in making personnel decisions.  If you can get the first few team members right, this will propagate throughout your company.

Here’s a few tips to remember:

1. If you ever question whether or not someone is right for your team, they’re not.

2. If someone is “good enough for now”, don’t hire them.  It’s worth it to suffer in the short-term in exchange for getting the team right.

3. Your team needs to be able to communicate openly.  There will be many ups and downs in the course of your company.  The one thing that should remain consistent is the communication within your team.  If you can’t be honest and open with someone for whatever reason, then they aren’t right for the team.

4. The minute you realize a person is not right for the team, end the relationship right then.  This is not only for the benefit of the company but out of respect to the person as well.

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